Culinary Arts

Kegan Orr - Culinary Arts
Posted on 06/18/2018
Kegan Orr

Tell me about your current career/job?  

I am currently a sous chef at the isle casino here in Cape Girardeau. I run a staff of cooks and stewards on a daily basis. I work closely with the other sous chefs and the executive chef on special events within the casino and in the community.

There are many opportunities to continue to learn and grow within the company.


How did your CTC training prepare you for your career?  

The training I received through the CTC prepared me for the fast pace and exciting world of culinary arts. I learned basic techniques that I was able to bring into the work place in order to continue my knowledge. In the program I learned many culinary terms that gave me the upper hand when beginning my career. We ran a mock restaurant that taught us the importance of food and business.


Did you further your education after leaving CTC?  

I did not choose to further my education but instead I jumped right into the culinary world and worked my way up through a company.


Career and Technology Center is a good choice because   the basic studies and information gained from this education will greatly help in beginning your career. The           certification looks great on any resume and any employer will know you have a great beginning background in your field because of the dedication given to students.