Broadcast production

Jonathan Fritzler - Broadcast Production
Posted on 06/18/2018
Jonathan Fritzler

Tell me about your current career/job?

I own
Sightnsound Media and Fritzler Films.

At Sightnsound Media I help businesses brand and promote themselves through

Multimedia, which includes broadcast tv, graphic design, web, and online digital

media, although I specialize in video.  I enjoy the many ways in which I can  help build the relationships with businesses for them to succeed. 

At Fritzler Wedding Films I capture all the love, joy and emotion for couples on video.    Today, everyone can take a take a picture or video. I help couples create  stories through moments that capture the heart - not just what they did or look like, but who they are.

 How did your CTC training prepare you for your career? 

The CTC provided a foundation for my career. In my case it was very similar to a college education. The instruction,         materials and equipment were something that I would expect to find in the real world.

Prior to taking my class at the CTC, I had never held a camera or opened a graphics       program. They are second nature to me now.


Did you further your education after leaving CTC? 

After graduating and receiving my passport from the CTC, I continued my education at Mineral Area College and Southeast Missouri State University. I have been involved with professional training, workshop     sessions and countless hours of research to stay on top of the latest tools and trends.

There is no doubt in my mind that the CTC prepared me for my career and awakened the thirst for knowledge in me. The real world education that the CTC provided was invaluable to me.

 Career and Technology Center is a good choice because it provides an excellent education built for today and ready for tomorrow.