Emergency Medical Technician

Taylor Raines - Emergency Medical Technician
Posted on 08/15/2018
Tayor Raines

Tell me about your current career/job?  

I work as a Paramedic on an ALS Ambulance. I can do many interventions that RN’s do, and in some cases I do some interventions that only a doctor in a very controlled                  environment can do. I can start IV’s, push   lifesaving medications, insert a breathing tube into a patient’s trachea, and interpret heart tracings to determine if a person is having a heart attack, along with many other skills.

I work for the North Scott County Ambulance District full time as a Paramedic. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work, I love my job!


How did your CTC training prepare you for your career?  

The CTC helped me tremendously just with the expertise and knowledge base of my two EMT instructors, Tim Bleichroth and Brian Wilcox. They are extremely knowledgeable in their line of work and they basically taught me everything I know today. The clinical time required by the CTC is very different from many Paramedic programs in the area and I think that definitely sets them apart and it is definitely rigorous.


Did you further your education after leaving CTC? 

After I obtained my EMT-B certification I immediately enrolled in the Paramedic program right out of high school and obtained my Paramedic license. I am currently taking classes at Southeast Missouri State University to prepare me to bridge over to obtain my RN at the Southeast Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences.


Career and Technology Center is a good choice because It changed my life!