Troy McClanahan - ConstructionTechnology
Posted on 08/15/2018
Troy McClanahan

Tell me about your current career/job.  

As the general foreman for The Collin McClanahan  Company, I oversee and manage the work         conducted by a five man crew. We erect steel buildings for the agricultural and commercial  sector. Our most recent assignment is the City of Cape Transfer Station project. My qualifications include my Class A CDL, welder certification, OSHA certification and I am also a certified fork lift operator.  I have moved up in the ranks,   holding responsibilities such as meeting with  customers, reviewing site plans and working 

With other suppliers and vendors. In addition, I currently maintain the equipment and I am in charge of the future equipment purchases for the company. Also, in 2015 I started my own commercial snow removal business. I am always looking for ways to expand my expertise.

How did your CTC training prepare you for your career? 

I gained experience through CTC by getting the chance to work with a more diverse group of people from different walks of life. The CTC classes and instructors provided me the opportunity to gain experience in interpreting multiple forms of specific construction plans and applying them to real world      situations.

Did you further your education after leaving CTC? 

Yes; I received my Associate of Applied  Science degree, majoring in Construction, Building and Technology
in December 2014 at Cape College Center at CTC, while I continued to work locally for the family business. Also in 2014, I received my FFA American Degree in Louisville, Kentucky. Just this past year, I earned my Certified Welder Certificate with the CTC. I have also achieved my Class A CDL license and IMSHA 10 through my work here at the company. Currently I am working toward  earning my crane operator certification. 

Career and Technology Center is a good choice because it gives someone hands on applicable experience that is required and expected in the trades.