Financial Aid & Payments

The Cape Girardeau CTC accepts and
assists students with the following types of 
financial aid:

  •  Pell Grant
  •  Direct Federal Loans
  •  Access MO Grant 
  •  Missouri A+ Scholarship 
  •  Veterans Benefits 
  •  Private Scholarships 
 Agency Sponsorship

Financial Aid Eligible Programs at CGTC:
In order for a student to receive financial aid,
both the students AND the program in which
they plan to enroll have to meet specific
Qualifying CTC programs include:
  • Medical Assistant 
  •  Paramedic 
  •  Practical Nursing •
  • Physical Therapist Assistant •
  • Respiratory Therapy 
  •  Nine Month Technical programs    

How to apply for federal & state
financial aid

1.  Complete your 2019-20120 FAFSA at  If you do not have an
FSA ID, the FAFSA site will offer a link to 
the  FSA ID site.  You must have an FSA ID to
submit your FAFSA.

2.  Enter the Cape CTC school code (005532) to 
ensure we receive your results

3.  Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to import your
2017 tax information from the IRS.  You will be
given this option as you work through the FAFSA. 
If you are unable to use the IRS Data Retrieval 
Tool, you can input the information from your
2017 tax return to your FAFSA.  

How to apply for the Access MO Grant: 
Complete the FAFSA by April 1, 2019 – no
other application is required. Students
must be enrolled full time to qualify.


    Student’s Obligation for Payment: 

    Registration constitutes a financial contract 
    between students and the school. Students 
    are ultimately responsible for payment of 
    all fees owed to the school (tuition, books,
    fees, & other related expenses) including 
    instances where anticipated financial aid 
    becomes unavailable. If a balance is due to 
    the school, the school has the right to cancel 
    students’ registration, to withhold grades,
    transcripts, or certificates, and to refuse 
    admittance to final exams/clinicals. 

    Refund Policy: 
     For Long-term programs (those eligible 
     for financial aid), during the first 60% of a 
    payment period, tuition due will be prorated
    based upon the days completed. After 
    60% of the payment period has elapsed, 
    no tuition will be deducted. Students will 
    always be responsible for the payment for 
    textbooks and fees that have been used or 
    cannot be returned. 

     For short-term programs (those not eligible 
    for financial aid), if a student elects to drop 
    a course, the student must complete the 
    designated form available at the CTC office. 
    If the request is made prior to the second 
    class meeting, a full refund minus any 
    expense to the CTC (background check fee, 
    course supplies) will be issued. After the 
    second meeting, a refund will not be issued. 

    Contact Information 
    For additional information regarding financial 
    aid or payment information, please contact: 
    CTC Financial Aid Advisor: 

    573.334.0826, x6510
    573.334.0826, x6515

     CTC Assistant Director: 573.334.0826, x6551